6HK1qax Model Sakola Repair Gasket Set for Machinery Excavator Engine Spare Part (1-87811063-0)

Model NO.
Part number: 1-87811063-0
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1.  ISUZU brand 6HK1QAX model Sakola Gasket Set for excavator engine repair part 
2.  Part number :1-87811063-0
3.  Made in China

4.  Any question ,pls feel free to contact Hellen 

Applicable for these machine: Isuzu,Caterpillar, Mitsubishi, Hino,Komatsu,Cummins,Volvo, Daewoo etc. 

4BD1T 4BG1T 6BD1T 6BG1T(3G) 6BG1T(4G) 4HK1 6HK1 6SD1T 6RB1T 6WG1T
4JB1T 4JG1T 4LE1 4LE2 4LE2X 6UZ1 EP100


3066 3306 C9 C6.4(CAT320D) C7 C4.2 3126


6D34T 6D31T 4M40 4D31T 4D34T 6D14T 6D15T 6D16T 6D11 6D22
6D24T 4D32 S6KT S4KT 6D17T




H06CT H07C H07CT H07D J05C J08C J05E J08E

2D92 3D95 4D92 4D94 4D95 4D105 4D120 4D130 S6D95 S6D105
S6D102 S6D108 S6D110 S6D125 S6D140 S6D114 S6D170 SAA6D107

4TNE84 4TNE88 4TNE94 4TNV94 3TNE84 4TNE98 4TNV98 4TNV88 2TNE78-1
6BT5.9 QSB5.9 QSB8.3 6CT8.3 NH220 NT855 L10 M11 KTA19 KTA38
DB58 D1146T D2366T D2848T DE12T




D6D D7D D60 TD71 TD70 TD100 TD120 TD61



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0 445 120 231 6D107 Injector
8-98284393-0  4HK1/6HK1 Injector–
8-97603415-0 6WG1T/6WF1 Injector–
8-97609788-0  4HK1(700P) Injector–
8-97602485-6  4HK1 Injector–
105118-8303-0 4KH1(600)P Injector–
8-98011604-0  4JJ1 Injector–
1-15300436-0 6WG1TXYSS(ZAX650-3) Injector–
105110-8201   6WG1TXQA Injector–
8-98167556-0  6WG1/6UZ1 Injector–
8-97609789-0  6HK1(bus) Injector–
8-97329703-0   4HK1/6HK1 Injector–
8-98092821-0   4LE2X Injector-
9-15330085-0  6RB1 Injector–
8-98151837-0  4HK/6HK1 Injector-
8-97382949-0  4KH1(600P) Injector-
8-97306071-0  Injector-
105110-8112   6HK1XQA/XQB
1-15600394-0  6BG1(SH200-3) Injector-
1-15300421-0  4BG1/6BG1 Injector-
1112100TAR   JX493(JMC)Injector-
095000-5251  TOYOYA Cruise ship  1KD/2KD Injector-
0 445 120 126  D04FR Injector-
6156-11-3300  6D125 Injector–
387-9433   CAT330D/336D Injector–
387-9427   CAT324D/325D/329 Injector–
326-4756   CAT315D/312D/313D Injector–
249-0713   CAT345D/349D/C13 Injector-
729907-53100 4TNV98 Injector-
236-0962   CAT330C Injector–
178-0199   CAT325C Injector–
326-4700   CAT320D Injector–
320-0677   C6.6/CAT320D Injector-
326-4740  CAT315D/312D Injector-
23670-E0050  J05E  Injector–
095000-6593  J08E  Injector-
23670-E0010  J08E  Injector-
095000-5215  P11C  Injector–
20440388  VOLVO/360/460 Injector–
21371673  VOLVO/460/480 Injector–
0 445 120 067 VOLVO/240/290 Injector–
0 445 120 066 VOLVO/240/290 Injector–
21006084     VOLVO290/320 Injector–
0 432 191 313  VOLVO/210 Injector–
0 445 120 067  VOLVO/210 Injector–
0 414 750 004  VOLVO/290B Injector–
20805349   VOLVO Injector–
3155040    VOLVO/360/460 Injector–
5263262RX    PC200-8/210-8/S6D107 Injector–
445120236    6D114 Injector–
095000-6070   PC450-8/S6D125 Injector–
6156-11-3300  6D125  Injector–
0445110290   Injector-
6251-11-3100  PC450-8/S6D125 Injector–
0 445 110 307  4D95/PC60-8 
0445120231    6D107
5263262RX  PC200-8/210-8/S6D107 Injector-
4317230   PC300-8/L9
4937065   PC200-8/6D107 Injector-
326-4756  CAT315D/312D/313D Injector-
253-0616  C15 Injector-
0 445 115 067/0445115067 Injector-
076130277 Injector-
0445115029 Injector-
0445115028 Injector-
12632255 Injector-
12638530 Injector-
13537585261-07 Injector-
13537585130-01 Injector-
3411821 CUMMINS3064881 Injector-
0445115043,0445115060 BOSCH0445115060 Injector
0445115059 /BOSCH0445115059,0445115059 Injector
8-98178247-0 /8981782470,8-98178247-0 Injector
20929906/VOLVO PENTA EC700BLC Injector
DP2-9K546-AA JMC DP2-9K546-AA Injector
5263305 CUMMINS ,BOCH 0445120272 Injector
295050-0940 295050-0942 DENSO Injector
295050-1040 DENSO Injector
0445110284 NISSAN A08MD Injector
0445110284 BOSCH Injector
095000-5450/ME302143 MITSUBISHI 6M60 Injector
0445110422 IVECO BOSCH common rail Injector
0445110421 IVECO BOSCH common rail Injector
0445120006 MITSUBISHI mixer truck 
0445110254 BOSCH Injector
23670-0L010 TOYOTA
23670-0E020 TOYOTA