GPS Car Tracking Device with Web-Based System

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Transport Package
Color Box or Blank Box
60mm x 80mm x 30mm
Guangzhou, China
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GPS car tracking device with web-based system

OCT600 is the newest GPS tracking device, with high quality and competitve price, and uses the imported GPS chips and GSM module, support more functions like firmware update OTA. etc. This device is highly recommended to use in fleet and logistic, security, car rental company.


Power supply +9V - +35V / 1.5A
Backup Battery 550mAh
Dimension 60mm x 85mm x30mm
Weight 145g
Temperature -20° to 55° C
GPS Chipset latest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
GPS Sensitivity -159Db


Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP)
Living location report
Tracking by time interval/distance
Geo-fencing control and alarm
Get detail address via SMS directly
External power cut alert
GOOGLE MAP link for location via SMS,Call
Remote engine/fuel cut
ACC Detection
SOS panic button,emergency alarm.
Mileage calculation report
car door on/off status detecting (option)
Voice monitoring (option)
2 way communication (option)
Firmware update OTA (option)
Fuel monitoring (option)

For companies, location of their vehicles, asset, employees is what they want to know, and live tracking will tell you all in simple way.

SMS Live tracking report
Show the location (coordinate, speed, odometer, time) of your vehicles by SMS, you can get by command or call, click the map link, you also can find the car on map.
Online tracking report
Just need a click, you can see the location of any vehicle or all via your computer, as well as detail historical reports. demo:( ID: onertest, PSW: 123) ( ID: oner, PSW: 123 )

Mobile tracking service
It is the third way to track your vehicles, after login, you can see all info of your vehicles, no need to configure anything, you also can check history tracking via your phone.

Tracking by APP
Free APP for vehicles tracking, allow you to check the location of all vehicles in case of no GPRS network, it is suitable for companies owner to manage the vehhicles any place.

OCT600 supports multiple alarms setting and notification, you can get alert when things happen in time. SOS emergency alarm

Press the button in the device, your family, friends will get notification and offer help immediatelywhen
troubles happens like rob, accident, etc.

Crash alarm (option)
Take action at once for rescue after getting notification from the crashed vehicle. Immediate action will be grate help for people.
Tip: OCT600 built in high precision sensor, it can detect crashing all around.

Geofence alarm
Set arriving or leaving area, if any vehicle enters or leaves such area, you can get notification, that is helpful for fleet companies, to avoid vehicle entering dangerours place or going to another place rather than destination.

Over speed alarm
Sending alarm notification when the vehicle is speeding, fleet manager can call the drvier to slow down before getting speeding ticket.

Online Tracking System
OCT600 works with oneline tracking system ( login: oner, password:123).
In this system, user can control all the vehicles in real time, include real time tracking, history play
back, route setting, driver management, POI, details reports, alarm setting, etc.

Real time tracking
User can do the live tracking via the platform,and know the exact location any where. See the vehicle in real time on Google earth satelite view, find your vehicle quickly and accurately.

History play

History records can be played back in the map. user can see each location of vehicle,and history records will be shown in the form at the same time while playing back.

Route setting
User can set the route on the map directly and asign to the vehicle, the vehicle should move according to the preset route, or else, the platform send out the divert alarm, it is helpful for fleet management.

Fleet managers may meet fuel problems many times, and they doubt why such things always happen; Why fuel run out so fast, what if the driver check fuel before the trip, that would not happen. In fact, there will be something unexpected, so it is important to do real time fuel monitoring. Now OCT600 supports analog input, you can connect with capacitance fuel sensor to get accurate fuel data, and the platform will show the fuel graph, you can see the daily fuel consumption, and know how to reduce cost accordingly.

Daily fuel consumption monitor
Current fuel level can be shown in the main interface of tracking system, you can know fuel of any vehicle, and all vehicle fuel consumption can also be shown in the graph report.

Fuel stolen alarm (option)
If fuel is stolen or lost, and then meet the preset value, a notification will be sent to you.

OCT600 with tracking platform make fleet management be easy, for example, engine detection and mileage calculation will let you know the vehicle performance, and work time setting will help to manage driver and vehicles effectively.

Vehicle performance monitoring
Engine detection
Each time engine on and off, you can get notification, and the duration of engine working also can be recorded as a reference report, fleet company can make the arrangement of maintenance according to the engine working duration.

Mileage calculate & journey report
Calculate mileage of vehicles each journey and save in the report, fleet company is able to calculate the cost, fuel consumption, vehicle depreciation, etc during the journey, it is helpful in regular vehicle performance testing.
Idle warning
Driver will leave without turning off engine for a moment only, and this moment is the timing for theft to steal the car, fleet owner can get warning in the control room once it happens. A report will collect info of idle car, includes date & time, duration, driver, etc, fleet owner can make adjustment to vehicle and driver accordingly.

Additon Info
Base mileage setting
You can set base mileage to match with odometer in the car.
Idle fliter
When car is waiting for traffic light, it is normal that car stop but engine on, you can set a fliter to ignore case like this

Fleet owner faces some problems for daily mangement of vehicles & drivers:
1) Overuse of vehicle
2) Over time complaint from drivers
3) Choas schedule of each vehicle
4) No way to avoid vehicle private use
Even if fleet owner have wrriten schedule for daily task, but is not able to monitor at each phase, and can not know if any other thing happen (like driving to another place for private purpuse).
Working time setting feature of tracker will offer
new solutions

Working time setting
Fleet owner can working time for the vehicle, and it is possible to set 3 working times for each vehicle in order to use in different situation.
Authorized driving notfiication
During the working peroid, each time driver start the vehicle, fleet owner will get notification one time and know which vehicle is on duty, as well as the driver, all drivers should work accordingly, reduce over time complaint.
Illegal driving alarm
If driver starts vehicle at non-working time, alarm will be sent to fleet owner continusly. onwer can stop it remotely, no worry about vehicle private use at night, and reduce overuse of vehicle and cost.

Route setting, POI, navigation are another solution in fleet management, fleet can know if the vehicle is working according to the requirement.
Route setting and divert alert
Before daily task start, fleet onwer can set route for each vehicle according to the schedule in the system, driver should drive it at this route, or else, divert alert active and fleet owner can take action and warn the driver.
POI management
Generaly, fleet companies have their own warehouses or transit centers all the country, which can be set as POI in the platform, when the vehicle arrives any place, platform will active alarm, fleet owner can know if the vehicle move as the schedule.

Driver has to go to unfamiliar place for delievery sometimes, fleet onwer can use it to guide the driver how to go, save time.

Addition Information
Another way to manage drivers and vehicle
Voice monitoring
Connect with MIC,fleet owner can hear the coversation in the vehicle, to monitor driver behavior.
2 ways communication
Talk with driver directly for task assignments.Connect with hand-free speaker, auto answer call from control room, no danager.

After using OCT600 to manage the vehicles and drivers, the cost of tracker is another thing that fleet owner care, there are some tips to save cost.
Power saving mode
device will enter power saving mode while vehicle is parking for a while. In this mode, device close GPRS connection and GPS chip, that mean device will go to sleep, no cost of GPRS, it can save power as well as cost.
SIM card balance inquiry
Check SIM card balance in the trackers, you can decide to use different way to track your vehicle ( power saving mode, longer tracking interval, etc) with reasonable cost.

Additional Info

Another way to save cost
Track by distance, No gprs cost if vehicle do not move over the preset distance.

Physical specication Hardware GSM/GPS specfication
Power: +6V - +35V / 1.5A
Dimension: 60 x 80 x 30mm
Weight : 145g
Working Temp: -20° to 55° C
Humidity: 5% to 95%
Hot start: <1 sec., average
Warm start: <36 sec., average
Cold start: <36 sec., average
GPS tracker
GPS antenna
GSM antenna
I/O cable
MIC (option)
Speaker (option)
GSM/GPS specfication:

Quad-band operate GSM
GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
(Sensitity: -159Db)

Oner Electronics Technology Limited
 A professional electronic company in Guang zhou, Guang Dong,China, and it was founded in 2005. It focuses on enterprise information construction and integrated of global positioning satellite (GPS), wireless mobile communication (GSM / GPRS).
Oner is a leading GPS real time tracking solutions provider. What Oner can provide is high quality produce and the information technology integrity solution. It includes GPS vehicle trackers,  fleet tracking and management system,GPS car rental solutions, GPS school bus and student management system, personal tracking for elders,children, etc. As a responsible electronics technology company, Oner adheres to the core value of innovation, practicality and cooperation. The company dedicates to customer oriented as well. Oner commits to creating maximum value for customers by providing competitive solution and services, dedicated procurement team ensure raw material source; in-house manufacturing produces products with high quality ; R&D team with extensive experience in GPS offers superior and innovative Tracking solution,OEM&ODM service is available.
The products and solutions have been deployed in over 100 countries, serving more than one third of the worlds population, and have over 1000 partners with long term bushiness relationship around the world.
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