Quv Accelerated Aging Strength Tester (GW-338)

Model NO.
Loading Method
Static Load
Manual Control
Power Source
Oil Cylinder Position
Electric Control
Wooden Case
Export Markets
Model No
Working Room Size
Temperature and Humidity
Rt-75 Deg,70-90%Rh
UVA-340*8PCS About 320W
AC 220V,50Hz
Wave Length
Sample Load
Great Win
Transport Package
Standard Export Safety Packing
HS Code
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UV Accelerated weathering test machine/equipment(GW-338)

Brief introduction:
This tester is used for test the material of fluorescent UV lamp light ,mainly on the material outside of change and test the new materials durability.  

Corresponding standard:
Accord with ASTMG53-77, GB, GJB, MIL, ASTM, CNS, IEC, JIS, AATCC, DIN, Fed Test, BS, SAE

Applicable industries:
The chamber is widely used in paint, resins, plastics, printing and packaging, aluminum, adhesives, auto, cosmetics, metals, electronics, electroplating, medicine, etc.

Main functions:
UV weathering aging test chamber, the UV lamp can simulate the effect of the sun, condensation and water spray system can simulate the effect of rain and dew. The temperature can be controlled at the process of testing. A typical test cycle is usually testing at UV radiation of high temperature and the 100% humidity at dark; Typically used in paint and coatings, automotive, plastic products, wood products, glue, etc.

Main feature
1. Simulated sunlight
The damage of material durability is mainly caused by the suns ultraviolet ray. We use UV lamps to simulate sunlight in the ultraviolet part of the short-wave, it produces very little visible or infrared spectral energy. We can choose according to different testing requirements of different wavelengths of UV ultraviolet light, because each lamp in the total energy and wavelength of UV radiation are not the same. Usually, UV lamp can be divided into two kinds of UVA and UVB.

2. UV lamp type
UVA-340 lamps: Can simulate short-wave UV light in the sunlight excellently, ie sunlight from 365 nm to 295 nm cutoff wavelength.
UVB-313 lamps: UVB-313 lamps are usually issued by short-wave UV radiation than the Earths surface in the strong solar ultraviolet radiation, which can speed up the greatest degree of material aging. However, the lamp may have caused some of the material does not meet the actual damage. UVB-313 lamp is mainly used for quality control and research and development, or on the weatherability of materials strong run the test.
UVA-351 lamp: Simulation of UV sunlight through windows, it is the aging of indoor materials for testing the most effective.

3. Moisture condensation environmentIn many outdoor environment, the material wet day time can be up to 12 hours. The results show that this result is the main factor of outdoor wet dew, not rain. UV condensation through a unique function to simulate the outdoor wet erosion. Condensation during the test cycle, the test chamber at the bottom of the reservoir, water is heated to generate superheated steam to fill the entire test chamber, hot steam to the test chamber maintained at 100% relative humidity, and maintain a relatively high temperature. Sample is fixed in the test room wall, so the test sample surface exposed to ambient air in the test room.

4. The temperature control in each cycle, the temperature can be controlled at a set value. At the same time the board can monitor the temperature of the thermometer. Higher temperature can accelerate the aging process, while temperature control for reproducibility of the test is also very important

5. The water spray system for some applications, the water spray can better simulate the end use of the environmental conditions. Water spray in a simulated drastic changes in temperature and rainfall caused by the thermal shock or mechanical erosion is very effective.
Technical Specifications:

Model GW-338UV Accelerated weathering tester
1.machine work room : 450×1170×500mm
2.Temperature and wet rang:  RT+10ºC~75ºC   70~90%RH
3.fluorescence UV light:  UVA-340×8PCS about 320W
4.Power : 220v/50Hz /±10%     3Kw(total power consumption)
5.The wave length of the light: 280~400nm ,center wave length :340mm
6.Sample hold: 75×150×1.5mm
7.Control way:  BTHC

What about the product quality? 
For our products, each instrument must be carried out 100% quality calibration and test when delivery goods. With CE certificate, we are very confident in our products, and we will pack them with safety wooden case to protect the machine when transport oversea. 

What about usage of the machine? 
We will also give your professional guidance(Product operating manual and video), each products comes with a USB flash drive which have all the details. 

What about warranty? 
Guarantee one years( if the parts damage within one year, we can replace the part for free)
If customer need any technical support, we can help them solve their problem through email, video meeting. We also can provide door to door service, but customer need to bear the travel fees. 

What about standards support? 
We are strictly following different international standards such as EN, ISO, ASTM, AATC, JIS, GB ect, and had been recognized by SATRA, CSA international standard agency.