Resilience Rubber Block

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Less Than 15 Days
-40 to 180
Compression Distortion(%)
Vetical Burning Grade
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Our development depends on the advanced equipment ,excellent talents and continuously strengthened technology forces for Resilience Rubber Block, The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Wellington, South Africa, Johannesburg, We only supply quality products and we believe this is the only way to keep business continue. We can supply custom service too such as Logo, custom size, or custom products etc that can according to customer's requirement.
Product Description

The main benefit is that the high density rubber floor can be used for shooting range, such as the floor, wall, ceiling, prevents dangerous ricochet and rebounds in the inner area of galeries.

It withstands the force of powerful projectiles and absorbs them leaving only slight surface marks after bullet impacts.

The other benefit is the noise reduction and sound insulation since the porous texture.

Details Introduce

Size and thicknes 600*300*100mm, 500*300*200mm,500*300*100mm
Density From 750kgs to 1100kgs/m3 or as y our requires
Strength(Mpa) 0.59
Elongation 45.5
Compression Distortion(%) 12.3
Elasticity(%) 44.9
Vetical Burning Grade FV2

The primary function of Ballistic rubber is encapsulating the projectile to reduce the chance of splatter and ricochets, in turn creating a safe environment to enjoy the shooting sports. HVSUN Systems ballistic rubber more commonly is UV resistant and offers fire retardant EXP version of the product providing the safest range in the industry. In addition,The rubber block reduces most airborne lead and absorbs as much as 65% of the noise on a range.

Project photos
After a decade of continuous development, our factory has accumulated a lot of customers, and have a lot of dealers in different countries: The USA, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, France, Britain, Spain, South Africa….

Questions and Answers:

Q. I currently own a shooting range. Is it possible to convert it to a tactical range?

A. To convert an existing range, a number different changes and engineering calculations need to be performed to ensure the building can perform properly. After incorporating the appropriate baffle and wall configuration the new design will provide the ability to offer tactical training.

Q. How long does a range take to build?

A. There are many variables that come into play when determining how long a build out may take. Contact our range specialists with your range plans to get an accurate lead time.

Q. Is leasing a building an alternative to buying a building to house my range?

A. Yes – we have worked with a number of commercial gun range owners that have chosen to lease. In support of those clients that wish to lease their space, HVSUN has range designs which were influenced and approved by both property owners and community banks. If you are considering leasing your space, talk to a HVSUN Representative about the best way to design your shooting range to accommodate this decision.

Q. Is lead contamination a big concern for range owners? 

A.Lead contamination, like all safety aspects of a range is is managed and monitored professionally with the proper tools and equipment. At HVSUN, we have products specifically designed to reduce airborne lead contaminates. In addition, we offer a full line of products to help maintain and keep a clean and healthy range.

Q. What type of lighting is recommended on firing ranges?

A. In general a lighting system that offers flexibility should be provided. This typically includes several banks of dimmable lighting that point down-range away from the shooter. Light fixtures are protected by the overhead baffles so rounds cannot destroy them. Range Systems can help recommended lighting plans for indoor and outdoor ranges. Specialty lights can also be utilized such as police cruiser light bars to simulate an active crime scene, or green lights to simulate night-optics shooting.

Q. What angle should baffles be positioned at?

A. This will be dictated by the range design/layout and the type of training to be done. You will visit sites with angled baffles and also vertical baffles. With the Dura-panel covering at the shooter side of the baffles you have complete flexibility at the baffle angles because all rounds that impact the baffle (barricade) will be encapsulated there rather than ricochet down range or back to the shooter.

Q. How should the range sidewalls be constructed?

A. Determining the best ballistic wall depends on the intended purpose and intended use of the wall. In determining the best ballistic wall, safety, performance, and budget should all be considered. Contact one of our range specialists to help determine the best sidewall construction for your needs.

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